Anesthesia Student Rotation

Medical students have the opportunity to take advantage of three major clerkships offered:

ANES 7181: Introduction to Anesthesiology 

The clerkship in Clinic Anesthesiology is a 2 week rotation designed to provide students with a solid foundation of the principles of anesthesiology. Students will have the opportunity to participate in the anesthetic care for an ample variety of surgical procedures and be exposed to a broad scope of anesthesia practices. The anesthesia rotation is a great opportunity for students to become familiar with the preoperative evaluation of patients presenting for surgery and to understand how their underlying clinical conditions impact the elaboration of an anesthetic management plan.
*This course is a prerequisite for ANES 7183: Anesthesiology Advanced Elective.

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ANES 7182: Anesthesiology Research 

Research in Anesthesiology is an individually formulated course with a University of Minnesota faculty member that will include on and off campus learning experiences in areas not covered by regular courses. This rotation focuses on advanced anesthesia structure  with emphasis in clinical and research practice and will provide an increased understanding of perioperative care of patients needing Anesthesia services.

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ANES 7183: Anesthesiology Advanced Elective 

This specialty rotation is designed for the student who has completed ANES 7181 and desires additional experience at a busy, comprehensive community/county hospital (HCMC). Students will learn more advanced concepts during care of all types of surgical patients and see a "community perspective" from accomplished practitioners. This 4 week rotation will build on the basics learned in rotation 7181 and include greater utilization of manual skills such as starting i.v. catheters, endotracheal intubation, and a greater understanding of physiology and interpretation of data from multiple simultaneous monitors.

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