Faculty and students working in the anesthesiology lab

The challenges facing Anesthesiology provide a variety of research opportunities ranging from
the development of new drugs and monitoring devices to studies of how patients undergoing
different operations with various medical conditions react to anesthesia and surgery. Without
research, it is not possible to maintain a truly academic environment on the forefront of teaching
and clinical advances, and without research, our specialty faces a dim future. The Department of
Anesthesiology, the Chair and Vice Chair, and the Dean of the University of Minnesota Medical
School are committed to promoting research as one of its priorities for maintaining a strong
academic department, for advancing the specialty, and for promoting the careers of our faculty.

Anesthesiology Faculty Research Resources - Clinical

Faculty members interested in clinical research have the opportunity, encouragement and
resources to conduct clinical or laboratory research. The Department has developed an extensive
educational program to aid new faculty in learning how to conduct high quality clinical research.
We have a team of research assistants who are also available to assist in faculty clinical projects,
as well as a well-established internal review and advisory process to help those faculty refine
their ideas and to aid them in moving from that idea through the successful completion of that
project. Support is also provided for all aspects of the IRB application process.

Anesthesia Faculty Research Resources - Laboratory

The Department also maintains a fully equipped laboratory dedicated primarily to large and
small animal research. In addition, the Department has strong collaborative relationships with
many basic scientists throughout the University, the Medical School and the School of
Veterinary Medicine.

Anesthesia Faculty Research Resources - Informatics

The Department also as a strong collaborative relationship with the University’s Center for
Translational Science Institute informatics group that is able to retrieve and assist with the
analysis of data from a myriad of sources including our Epic medical record system.


The Twin Cities is home to many of the world’s leading medical device firms. There are
approximately 300 companies involved in medical device and pharmaceutical development
within a few miles of campus. The Department and the Medical School have partnered with
many of these companies on both laboratory and clinical research projects. These partners are
excellent sources of financial and technical support for research to advance patient care. 

Who to contact

Michael Todd, MD
Professor and Vice Chair of Research
Winner, American Society of Anesthesiologists Excellence in Research Award 2016
Former Editor-in-Chief, Anesthesiology
420 Delaware Street SE, MMC294
Minneapolis, MN 55455
612-626- 4551